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automation consulting services
High Impact Intelligent Automation Solutions
MOZAIQ partners with automation platform leaders to deliver fast ROI RPA and IDP solutions

MOZAIQ is a leader in intelligent automation consulting services, combining RPA and AI capabilities to deliver process automation at scale. Our deep expertise in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), RPA, custom web automation and API integration deliver rapid benefits that drive a seamless customer experience.

Our automation consulting services are comprised of advisory, design, implementation and managed services offerings, based on the knowledge gained from building the leading intelligent pay-as-you-go Mortgage SaaS solution that incorporates all the critical factors required for successful automation – BOT orchestration, data pre and post processing, integration with legacy systems, an audit infrastructure, and custom web automation to fill the gaps.

MOZAIQ has worked with multiple customers across a variety of industries including: Mortgage Banking (Origination and Servicing), Financial Services, Insurance, CPG, Telecommunications, Transportation, Engineering Services, Agribusiness and Legal Services.

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