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We make intelligent automation accessible
It’s not enough to simply deploy an RPA solution, nor to just configure an AI bot

The key is not just the deployment of BOTs, this will not get to the expected efficiencies and savings. An effective Intelligent  Automation solution requires that multiple components work seamlessly together. A BOT needs to be trained. A BOT needs to be managed. The documents need to be classified (indexed), and data needs to be extracted AND cleansed (no existing OCR solution extracts data with 100% accuracy) before the BOTs can go to work. Systems of record need to be integrated with. Audit trails are required. Security is paramount.

Accessible automation without high up-front costs

The MOZAIQ SaaS offering is a digital worker-enabled per transaction model, eliminating costly software licensing and startup costs, allowing customers to keep costs in line with volume. Its pre-built offerings deliver foundational and vertical process automation out of the box, while allowing customizable processes and services to be built on top of the core intelligent platform and deployed either on-prem or in the cloud.

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The core components of the MOZAIQ platform include
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