Document Classification

Classify financial documents in minutes
MOZAIQ’s Document Classification (Indexing) Solution leverages machine learning to become smarter the more it processes

Mortgage document classification is available out of the box, with over 280 documents already pre-trained using machine learning. The platform uses page level classification and rules for over 500 pages in a mortgage loan document, with accuracy levels above 90% once the platform has been trained using “real world” documents – the higher the number of indexed document type, the higher the accuracy​, further enhanced to over 99% with our human in the loop offering.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced OCR and Computer Vision Pipeline​
  • Entity detection – able to classify which borrower is listed in a document​
  • Can be trained with per-customer documents including cover sheets, etc.​
  • Configurable SLA based on expected document volume​ and size


Pre-trained documents
using machine learning


Pages with page-level
classification and rules


Percent accuracy levels
with human in the loop
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