Webinar: Mortgage Automation


Intelligent Process Automation for the Mortgage & Title Industry


August 13, 2020, 9-10am PDT


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with AI (Intelligent Automation) are the next generation technologies to help Mortgage & Title companies improve loan fulfillment metrics, lower Cost of Loan and provide better customer experience. RPA helps to automate manual, repetitive, rules-based tasks, whereas, AI techniques are critical in the setup of foundational processes: essentially, file categorization / indexing along with extraction of relevant business data from unstructured Mortgage documents.

Leveraging Automation Anywhere’s RPA and Cognitive platforms, MozaIQ has built solutions that are driving a paradigm shift in deploying “Digital Works”, teaming closely with human workers to exceed business expectations.  Our solutions integrated into our client platforms are immediately adding value.


Note this event has past and has been recorded.

Join us live as we demonstrate our Mortgage Digital Workers in action in collaboration with one of our lender clients – The Loan Store (TLS), a Wholesale Mortgage Lender. TLS is aggressively gaining market share as an operationally efficient, low cost, next generational lender, using MozaIQ’s automated solutions.


During this session, we will discuss:

  • Digital transformation via automation – a must have in the mortgage sector

  • How MozaIQ solutions provide meaningful ROI to Mortgage and Title companies in the automation journey

  • Watch how TLS has successfully deployed digital workers to the Loan Origination Process and the benefits they are seeing from automation

  • Understand the challenges in implementing automation in the Mortgage eco-system.


This webinar series is intended for Mortgage and Title Executives who would like to understand the viability of incorporating targeted intelligent automation solutions, in aggressive timelines, to gain an attractive ROI.

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