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Solution Spotlight – Intelligent Automation Helps Lenders Scale
What happens when your loan volumes increase ten-fold in three months?
DEMO NO. 100 – MERS Registration
MERS REGISTRATION: A Digital Worker monitors the pipeline within the Loan Origination System (LOS) and selects the next loan that is ready for processing. Required loan details are collected from the LOS, including the borrower, and property information. The Digital...
Solution Spotlight – Post-Close Audit and Loan Delivery
Be a mortgage winner in 2023, invest in Intelligent Automation now
Why Mortgage Lenders Should Automate Now
We've seen a higher number of lenders inquiring about intelligent automation in 2023
Our SOC 2 Type II Accreditation
MOZAIQ has been certified as SOC 2 Type II compliant by an independent auditor.
3x Volume in a Quarter of the Time
The lender is able to complete the loan setup process in 75% less time and process 3x the number of loans In today’s mortgage economy and its heightened competitive environment, it is important for lenders to maximize efficiencies, lower costs...
Loan Quality is a Critical Success Factor
The quality of a mortgage loan has direct economic and reputational consequences on lenders' ability to transact with GSEs.
Part 2 – Prepare for the Mortgage Market Recovery
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Lenders are embracing the mortgage slowdown as an opportunity – to gain operational efficiency by investing in automation platforms