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Improve loan quality, accelerate loan processing times and reduce origination costs with our market-leading, AI-powered mortgage automation offerings

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MOZAIQ is the Intelligent Mortgage Automation Leader.

We’ve harnessed artificial intelligence to create the leading AI-powered mortgage origination back-office solution that helps lenders increase their loan quality, improve processing efficiency, and cut costs.

Our solution automates multiple mortgage back office processes across the entire mortgage loan fulfillment lifecycle.

Accelerate loan setup times and get the file to the underwriter faster.
Make faster, more accurate lending decisions.
Rapidly finalize the mortgage loan prior to closing and funding.
Send the fully audited loan to investors with confidence.
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Join the Mortgage Automation Revolution.

Don’t get left behind.  Partner with the Intelligent Mortgage Automation leader. Join the Mortgage Automation Revolution, and get ready for the inevitable growth that’s coming in refi’s and new originations.

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Intelligent automation is the configuration, integration, deployment and use of automation and AI technologies to streamline functions and scale processes in support of human workers.
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