Intelligent Automation as a Service

Faster, lower cost, more accurate lending decisions

Intelligent Automation as a Service

Lower your mortgage origination costs

Intelligent Automation as a Service

Accelerate your automation time to market

Classify (Index) financial documents accurately 24×7

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Extract data using pre-trained machine learning models

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Automate complex Mortgage processes in less than four weeks

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Rapidly deploy the only pay-as-you-go intelligent automation platform and reap immediate benefits
Increase Savings

Decrease processing costs by up to 60%.

Scale on-demand

The solution enables frictionless scale to support volume fluctuations​

Greater Productivity

Improve governance and compliance with robust audit trails and traceability​

Faster turn-around times

Process, fund and close loans up to 3x faster

MOZAIQ’s Unique Advantage

An effective Intelligent Automation solution requires multiple layers to seamlessly work together, it’s not enough to simply deploy an RPA solution, nor to just configure an AI bot. These layers include:

  • Process Orchestration: Digital Workers, or BOTs, need to be managed
  • Automation Frameworks: Not all automation frameworks are built the same
  • Intelligent Data Extraction: We’ve optimized and trained the platform via Machine Learning
  • Testing, Audit and Reporting: Out of the box audit and reporting services
  • Integration with Systems of Record: BOTs facilitate the integration

The MOZAIQ SaaS platform has integrated these disparate requirements into one simple, easy to configure and deploy solution. That way customers can achieve a faster ROI and pay on a per transaction basis without paying up-front for expensive software licenses.

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