Accelerate ROI with Intelligent Automation

MOZAIQ is the leader in delivering intelligent automation solutions, combining Gen-AI, IDP and RPA capabilities to drive process automation at scale. We create AI-powered solutions that help our customers lower costs, increase efficiencies, enable scale, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

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Intelligent automation services include ADVISORY, DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, and MANAGED SERVICES offerings

Deep Retrieval and Q&A (e.g., Chatbot) enablement

RPA and IDP Automation Strategy Services

Includes process discovery and automation implementation services​

IDP platform implementation

Data extraction and validation solutions​

Software engineering

Augment out of the box RPA and IDP solutions with pre and post data processing, custom web automation and API integration to enable legacy system integration ​

RPA platform implementation

Single process and multi-process orchestrated solutions​

RPA Migration

From on-premise solutions to more efficient cloud-based solutions​, or from one vendor to another

Automation Managed Services

Hosted automation solutions with 24×7 support

MOZAIQ has deployed a diverse set of AI use cases across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Retail.
Deep Retrieval (Gen-AI)

Extract information from large amounts of unstructured data, for example, search internal documents like contracts, POs, invoices, regulatory and legal filings, extracting key information

Q&A (Gen-AI)

Generate an answer to a question or a prompt, for example, via a customer service chatbot

Invoice, Claims Processing

Extract and cleanse the data (IDP), and enter it into a system of record​ (RPA)

Document Indexing

Classify documents (IDP) and tag for large loan or similar files​

Process merchant requests

Review statements, pre-authorization releases, refunds, and sales​

Loan Processing (Mortgage, Auto etc.)

Extract data form loan documents (IDP) and execute repetitive tasks​ with the extracted data (RPA)

Account opening

Perform automated credit checks and income verification​ (IDP & RPA)

Payroll processing

Increase the accuracy of data entry (RPA) and maintain consistency​

Customer Stories
3x Invoice Processing Volume
< Back to Home 90% Accuracy and 90%...
Document Automation Optimization
Live in less than 3 weeks, over 90%...
Payment Reconciliation Automation
Reduced the reconciliation report processing time by over...
Title Insurance Automation
Process 2x the number of Payoff Documents with...
Telecom Invoice Processing Automation
Improve throughput by 3X and increase the invoice...
Health Care Process Automation
Achieved straight through processing objective of over 90%...
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