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Watch our mortgage automation demos and learn how our customers have achieved cost savings of up to 60%, increased their loan throughput by up to 300% resulting in faster loan processing and closing times and eliminated costly manual errors.

INDEXING & DATA EXTRACTION: The foundational process of Indexing, followed by Data Extraction from the indexed files is demonstrated here. These foundational processes are used throughout the origination and servicing lifecycle - either as standalone processes or to drive intelligent automation within specific processes like - loan setup, QC checklist, Initial Disclosures etc.
SERVICE ORDERS: Third Party Services are requested by the lender at various stages of origination - typically during loan setup and underwriting. The automation of 2 such services - ordering a Fraud Report and Flood Certificate from CoreLogic are shown here. Other examples of 3rd party services are: USPS Validation, Geo-coding, Compliance Review, HOI/Title Orders, Property Profile Report, Appraisal Order and Tax Certificates.
ULDD EDITS: This automation is a subset of the File/Investor Delivery process: here the digital worker (Bot) creates an investor package (ULDD XML file) from Encompass ULDD/PDD screens.
ULDD DELIVERY: This automation is a subset of the File/Investor Delivery process: here the digital worker (Bot) uploads the investor package (ULDD XML file) to the investor portal (FNMA or FHLMC), and clears all applicable conditions.
POLICY TYPING/CREATION: Policy Typing involves issuing the Title policy and preparing policy documents, i.e. Title Policy Transmittal and Loan/Owner’s Title Policy. The policy is issued after recording of Deed(s) and Deed of Trust/Mortgage and other relevant documents. This automation demonstrates the end-to-end policy typing process, which includes inflight data extraction from the Deed and Deed of Trust, and use of that data to power the data entry and validation for Policy creation.
LOAN ESTIMATE: This demo will show the wholesale mortgage process of verifying the loan fees and broker pricing on the submitted loan application to confirm compliance before generating an LE. The LE is then sent to the broker for approval. Email responses are monitored and used for updating the Loan Origination System. Initial Disclosures are sent to the borrower, default UW conditions are added to the loan and the milestone/stage is updated. After the Digital Worker has completed their process, an email is sent to the Ops Team to continue the loan steps.
LOCK CONFIRMATION: After an interest rate is locked, a lock confirmation needs to be sent to interested parties. In this demo, the Digital Worker will pick up a list of loans from the API, go to each loan within the Loan Origination System and generate the Lock Confirmation, save it to the appropriate folder, and send out email notifications confirming the interest rate and pricing that was locked. The interest rate can sometimes change throughout the loan process and the Digital Worker will re-run the process if requested by the user.
LOAN DELIVERY: The Loan Delivery process often involves multiple third-party websites. In this demo, a Digital Worker will connect all the steps together by completing the ULDD screens within the Loan Origination System, generating the LCA Report, verifying the UCD status, and generating the appropriate Post Closing forms. The Digital Worker can save a lot of time by automatically creating and uploading the investor package and exporting the ULDD file. This demo will also show the process of logging in to the FHLMC website to import the file and resolve critical errors before moving on to creating the settlement forms and updating the status within the Loan Origination System.
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