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The Evolution of AI
Move over RPA, here comes Gen-AI.
DEMO NO. 055 – Sending Final CD
SENDING FINAL CD: The automated process monitors the loan pipeline for loans where the Final CD has been requested. The CD dates are updated, the appropriate recipients are selected and added to the CD notifications, and the final CD is...
DEMO NO. 065 – Automated Email Notification
AUTOMATED EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: Customize loan status notifications and maintain consistent communication with automation. Select the event that will trigger the email, determine the recipients, include attachments (if any) and compile the message. \ Email event examples: Lock Expiring, Conditions Log...
MBA NewsLink May 18, 2023
From the Daily Newsletter of the Mortgage Bankers Association.
Solution Spotlight – Intelligent Automation Helps Lenders Scale
What happens when your loan volumes increase ten-fold in three months?
DEMO NO. 100 – MERS Registration
MERS REGISTRATION: A Digital Worker monitors the pipeline within the Loan Origination System (LOS) and selects the next loan that is ready for processing. Required loan details are collected from the LOS, including the borrower, and property information. The Digital...
Solution Spotlight – Post-Close Audit and Loan Delivery
Be a mortgage winner in 2023, invest in Intelligent Automation now